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Draft Butte Health Study Report Released, Public Comment Open, Public Meeting Apr. 9

March 19, 2014

Download the draft Butte Health Study report below, or click here (3.9 MB). There will also be an open public meeting on the draft report on April 9, 2014 from 3:30 to 7:30 p.m. with a formal presentation starting at 5:30 p.m.  with the following order of speakers:

o   EPA:  source & description of the mandate, introduce the team, review the public comment process (5 min)

o   CTEC:  Introduce CTEC and TAG, the collaborative process  (5 min)

o   Environ:  Goals, findings and recommendations (15-20 minutes)

o   Butte-Silver Bow:  Implications to Residential Metals Abatement Program (RMAP), what remains to be done, etc. (10-15 minutes)

o   Formal testimony:  people may speak in person or submit questions/comments anonymously on cards (as long as needed)

Butte-Silver Bow and others will also be prepared to discuss the non-Superfund aspects of the Health Study, per comments received on the work plan, although a separate public meeting will likely be held to address these studies once they are all done.

The report is open for public comment for 60 days until April 29, 2014. Comments can be submitted directly to EPA, or to CTEC.


January CTEC Meeting: Butte Mine Flooding Operable Unit Update

January 22, 2014
Topic:   Butte Mine Flooding Operable Unit Update
Date:     January 28, 2014 (Tuesday)
Time:    5:15-7:15
Place:   Butte Public Library – Broadway Street
Guest:  Nikia Greene - Remedial Project Manager – Environmental Protection Agency
Nikia will be giving an update on the Superfund Mine Flooding Operable Unit which includes the Berkeley Pit.

The Record of Decision (ROD) for the Butte Mine-Flooding Operable Unit was signed September 29, 1994.

The Butte Mine-Flooding Operable Unit (OU) is one of four OUs within the Butte Mining district (BMD) and consists of approximately 23 square miles. The OU is divided into two systems: 1) East Camp/Berkeley Pit, and 2) West Camp. Other OUs in the BMD are the Butte Priority Soils (BPSOU), Silver Bow Creek/Streamside Tailings, and Non-Priority Soils.

Major features of the OU are 1) underground mine workings, 2) Berkeley Pit, and 3) alluvial and bedrock aquifers contributing flow to the system.

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The Neversweat Mine in Butte around 1900.

The Neversweat Mine in Butte around 1900.

What is CTEC?

Welcome to buttectec.org, established and maintained by the Citizens Technical Environmental Committee (CTEC) of Butte, Montana to serve as a public resource for information and scientific data about Butte and Silver Bow Creek area Superfund sites, as well as associated environmental issues and sites related to historic mining and smelting.

The goal of this site, as with all of CTEC’s efforts, is to help citizens develop informed questions and become involved in the decision-making process for the ongoing cleanup of mine wastes and related environmental damages in the area.

Environmental cleanup efforts in the area are monumental – it is estimated that over one billion dollars will be spent on reclamation and restoration across more than 120 miles of Montana’s Clark Fork Basin, from Butte to Missoula. The issues are complex, and the environmental impacts are broad – the map below will help to orient you in regards to Superfund sites in western Montana.

Superfund sites of the Clark Fork Basin in western Montana. Click on the map to view a larger version. Detailed maps of different areas in the basin are available on the specific pages listed in the top navigation menu.

Superfund sites of the Clark Fork Basin in western Montana. Click on the map to view a larger version. Detailed maps of different areas in the basin are available on the specific pages listed in the top navigation menu.

If, in reading over any of the information on this site, you would like to be involved in the monumental efforts to restore the environmental health of the headwaters of the Columbia River, consider leaving a comment or contact CTEC directly to learn more about how you can get involved.

Please send any written questions or comments to:
P.O. Box 593
Butte, MT 59703

Or call us at (406) 723-6247, stop by our office at 27 W. Park Street in Uptown Butte (our office hours are 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm Monday through Friday), or e-mail us at buttectec@hotmail.com.