CTEC News & Documents

This page lists links to posts and news articles about CTEC and Superfund in western Montana, downloadable minutes from past CTEC meetings, and other CTEC documents. These are also available under the In the News and CTEC Documents categories in the Ventolin side effects.


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CTEC Documents
CTEC Board Meeting Agenda, Jan. 17, 201315.8 KiB738
Butte Natural Resource Damage Restoration Council (BNRC) Meeting Agenda, Sept. 26, 201329.7 KiB788
CTEC Minutes22.0 KiB799
CTEC Letter to EPA re: Lead Action Level Change74.0 KiB856
Montana DEQ Response to CTEC re: Montana Resources Wastewater Discharge868.9 KiB1177
EPA Response Letter to CTEC re: Water Quality at LAO688.1 KiB1294
In the News
Creek rally is Tuesday (Apr 4, 2009)85.1 KiB802
Superfund meeting Thursday (Mar 1, 2006)85.9 KiB809
Butte group focused on Superfund cleanup to hold public meetings (Feb 15, 2010)27.2 KiB928
SBC fishable again after multi-million dollar cleanup (May 22, 2012)30.7 KiB946
Public invited to meeting on Butte Superfund site cleanup (Mar 23, 2011)26.1 KiB954
Meeting held on Butte Superfund site (Jan 13, 2011)26.4 KiB955
Officials: Clark Fork cleanup nearing home stretch (May 4, 2010)27.0 KiB956
Work begins on contaminated site in Opportunity (Sept 5, 2012)26.8 KiB993
DEQ lowering SBC dam to prevent contamination (June 14, 2011)27.0 KiB993
Butte group focused on Superfund cleanup to hold public meetings (Feb 15, 2010)27.2 KiB994
MTPR Commentary: The EPA Should Work With Us, Not Against Us (Apr 12, 2012)14.4 KiB1003
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Where to get zofran cheap89.7 KiB1073
Comment time on clean-up plan (Sept 9, 2009)84.3 KiB1080
Pole plant cleanup meeting Tuesday (July 18, 2010)96.7 KiB1087
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Brand name nexium overnight88.3 KiB1118
Montana Pole meeting tonight (July 20, 2010)84.7 KiB1130
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Editorial: EPA response disappointing (Apr 18, 2012)90.4 KiB1221
Superfund cleanups focus of public meetings in Butte (Feb 14, 2010)86.4 KiB1236
Mining-damaged areas focus of meetings (Nov. 27, 2012)89.6 KiB1463

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