In the News

Links to western Montana Superfund and environmental cleanup issues in the media.

In the News
Mining-damaged areas focus of meetings (Nov. 27, 2012)89.6 KiB992
Officials mark end of Milltown Superfund cleanup project (Sept 24, 2012)116.6 KiB1130
Plan to restore Montana river gets public review (Sept 2012)86.9 KiB1145
Work begins on contaminated site in Opportunity (Sept 5, 2012)26.8 KiB712
SBC fishable again after multi-million dollar cleanup (May 22, 2012)30.7 KiB679
Editorial: EPA response disappointing (Apr 18, 2012)90.4 KiB970
Read Stacie Barry's dissertation abstract on Butte environmental health study (Apr 17, 2012)82.6 KiB819
MTPR Commentary: The EPA Should Work With Us, Not Against Us (Apr 12, 2012)14.4 KiB745
Learn the jargon in 'Superfund 101' class (Dec 17, 2011)89.7 KiB790
Feds order more Superfund work (Aug 5, 2011)88.3 KiB802
Local group critical of EPA in Butte (June 21, 2011)93.0 KiB802
DEQ lowering SBC dam to prevent contamination (June 14, 2011)27.0 KiB729
Public invited to meeting on Butte Superfund site cleanup (Mar 23, 2011)26.1 KiB700
Meeting held on Butte Superfund site (Jan 13, 2011)26.4 KiB687
Montana Pole meeting tonight (July 20, 2010)84.7 KiB843
Pole plant cleanup meeting Tuesday (July 18, 2010)96.7 KiB804
Officials: Clark Fork cleanup nearing home stretch (May 4, 2010)27.0 KiB683
Letter: Butte Superfund five-year review shows mixed results (Mar 10, 2010)83.2 KiB781
Butte group focused on Superfund cleanup to hold public meetings (Feb 15, 2010)27.2 KiB673
Butte group focused on Superfund cleanup to hold public meetings (Feb 15, 2010)27.2 KiB707
Superfund cleanups focus of public meetings in Butte (Feb 14, 2010)86.4 KiB1007
Butte NRD council ready to go (Feb 10, 2010)83.8 KiB775
Comment time on clean-up plan (Sept 9, 2009)84.3 KiB829
CTEC sets meeting (Sept 7, 2009)86.6 KiB784
Join public rally for SBC (Apr 4, 2009)88.6 KiB765
Public Health News
Health study rouses anger (Jan. 17, 2013)107.6 KiB1100
Letter to the Editor: Commenting on health study a ‘charade’ (Nov. 27, 2012)86.8 KiB883
Letter to the Editor: Health report fails to past test (Nov 2012)93.8 KiB973
EPA seeks self-confirming study (Sept 2012)92.7 KiB873
Butte residents concerned about open pit mine dust (May 2012)81.3 KiB931
Mine dust and heavy metals among worries as Butte aims for health study (May 2012)109.1 KiB1151
Author defends Butte death rates work (Apr 2012)104.3 KiB1171
Letter: Is the EPA controlled by corporate interest? (Apr 2012)84.8 KiB1030
EPA response disappointing (Apr 2012)90.5 KiB954
EPA cleanup: Feds question Butte mortality study (Apr 2012)111.2 KiB1032
Arco defends EPA actions (Apr 2012)87.9 KiB971
The EPA Should Work With Us, Not Against Us (Apr 2012)40.2 KiB742
Butte cleanup meeting spiked (Apr 2012)93.8 KiB940
Letter: EPA was wrong to scoff at Barry’s report on Butte (Apr 2012)88.6 KiB877
EPA must address Butte health problems (Apr 2012)103.7 KiB1022
EPA: Committed to Butte cleanup (Apr 2012)108.8 KiB1096
Free remediation program continues for Butte homes (Mar 2012)95.4 KiB964
Cleanup ineffective in Butte (Mar 2012)100.4 KiB1124

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