TAG Program

Under the Superfund law, EPA can award one Technical Assistance Grant (TAG) for each Superfund site. TAGs allow communities to hire an independent expert to help them interpret technical data, understand site hazards, and become more knowledgeable about the different technologies used to clean up sites. Your community group may be eligible for a TAG if you are affected by a Superfund site that is listed on the National Priorities List (NPL) or proposed for listing on the NPL where a response action is underway. More information about TAGs is available from your Regional EPA Community Involvement Coordinator or EPA staff.

At this point, EPA works with local leaders and citizens to prepare what the agency formerly called a Community Involvement Plan (CIP) – recently, EPA started referring to such documents as Community Engagement Plans (CEP). The CIP or CEP specifies community involvement activities that the lead agency expects to undertake during the remedial response. In addition, EPA informs the community of the establishment of at least one information repository which is usually located at a library or public school and contains the official record of the site, reports, and activities as well as additional site-related information.

A new CEP is being developed for Butte. The draft is available for download below, or via the Superfund Library.

Draft Community Engagement Plan for SBC/Butte (2012)
13.0 MiB

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