Our Mission

The mission of CTEC is to help people living in the Butte-Silver Bow Creek area understand and respond to complex technical information related to the area’s environmental problems, in order to enable them to participate in a meaningful manner in local, state, federal and industrial deliberations regarding solutions to these poblems.

CTEC’s vision is of a clean and healthy environment in Butte achieved through an informed and engaged citizenry and public servants.

Goal #1 – To educate the general population through the assembly, analysis, interpretation, translation and dissemination of environmental information to those people in the area and to collect their questions, fears, needs, desires and opinions.

Goal #2 – To develop and effectively convey community-based recommendations, advice and criticism, independent of government or industry-based special interested, to include both consensus and dissenting views about particular issues.

Goal #3 – To assure the sustainability of CTEC, so that we may fulfill our mission to foster meaningful, informed public discourse about issues of environmental concern in our community, now and in the future.


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