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This page lists links to posts and news articles about public health in western Montana related to Superfund.


Posts on Public Health


Health study rouses anger (Jan. 17, 2013)107.6 KiB1661
Letter to the Editor: Commenting on health study a ‘charade’ (Nov. 27, 2012)86.8 KiB1322
Letter to the Editor: Health report fails to past test (Nov 2012)93.8 KiB1527
EPA seeks self-confirming study (Sept 2012)92.7 KiB1258
Butte residents concerned about open pit mine dust (May 2012)81.3 KiB1393
Mine dust and heavy metals among worries as Butte aims for health study (May 2012)109.1 KiB1600
Author defends Butte death rates work (Apr 2012)104.3 KiB1693
Letter: Is the EPA controlled by corporate interest? (Apr 2012)84.8 KiB1500
EPA response disappointing (Apr 2012)90.5 KiB1421
EPA cleanup: Feds question Butte mortality study (Apr 2012)111.2 KiB1527
Arco defends EPA actions (Apr 2012)87.9 KiB1387
The EPA Should Work With Us, Not Against Us (Apr 2012)40.2 KiB1192
Butte cleanup meeting spiked (Apr 2012)93.8 KiB1383
Letter: EPA was wrong to scoff at Barry’s report on Butte (Apr 2012)88.6 KiB1344
EPA must address Butte health problems (Apr 2012)103.7 KiB1565
EPA: Committed to Butte cleanup (Apr 2012)108.8 KiB1545
Free remediation program continues for Butte homes (Mar 2012)95.4 KiB1424
Cleanup ineffective in Butte (Mar 2012)100.4 KiB1577

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